Mark Doering



Mark Doering



Who Did Jesus Say He Was

It is interesting that Jesus said I AM seven different times in the Gospel of John. Each of these sayings reveal an aspect of our savior.

Wisdom of Proverbs - Daily Living

The benefits of walking (living) in wisdom as revealed in the book of Proverbs.

Wisdom of Proverbs - Getting Wisdom

The book of Proverbs has numerous verses on the benefits of using wisdom. But how do we get wisdom? The answers are found throughout this rich book.

Wisdom of Proverbs - Health

The book of Proverbs promises health and long life for those who walk (live) in wisdom.

Wisdom of Proverbs - Prosperity

Prosperity in our finances and efforts are promised in the book of Proverbs by applying Wisdom.

Believer's Authority

Verses about the authority and position granted to us by God by the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Encouragement to Fill My Mouth with God's Word

To speak the word as I meditate on it, to hold fast my confession so that my mind may be renewed. To direct and focus my attention toward God's thoughts rather than my own murmurings.